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First ever submission to NG!

2012-02-16 20:26:47 by Chaoremix

I made my first sumbission to NG.

This place is like, the best of the best, so I decided to try and upload my BEST art here.

I'll definitely make more submissions soon! Hopefully.

Well its about time!

2011-05-08 20:51:58 by Chaoremix

I don't know why I had my age set to 20, but its actually 16, I am pretty sure 2-3 years ago Newgrounds only allowed 18+ year olds to join the site, which would explain a lot.

I'm going to start posting music and flash here, since I love electronic so much I figured, why not make my own?

So I will be perusing music creation software and samples, and hopefully start posting my own songs here. :D

I'm back!

2008-04-08 22:36:03 by Chaoremix

Hey everyone! I'm back after a long (and extremely boring) move. I have nothing else to say at this time.
Chao Forever!
Time posted~
April 8th, 2008 9:37-9:40 PM

Note:Since i have grew up a lot since i have last been here, I have more "mature" posts, so please try to ignore my bad comments.

Chaoremix News

2007-08-05 21:59:07 by Chaoremix

The new Newgrounds rocks! I never seen this coming!
In other news, I want to know if anyone can help me popularize my own series called The Adventures of Zack The Great. If anyone can, that would be a big help.